Bridal Fashion Designer Tran Phuong Hoa Brings Vietnamese Bridal Fashion to the World

Designer Tran Phuong Hoa, the founder of Eleven S, has been in the bridal industry for over ten years.

While attending the prestigious National University of Economics in Hanoi, she discovered her strong passion in the design field, which led to the foundation of the fashion brand “Eleven S.” Choosing bridal fashion as a means to begin her career in fashion design, focusing on wedding gowns and Vietnamese Ao Dai. Talking about her predestined relationship with this road, Hoa shared: “By chance, I saw a bride’s photos appearing on the cover of an important international fashion magazine. At that time, I wished Vietnamese wedding fashion would appear as radiant as Vera Wang and Elie Saab on the world wedding fashion map.

Eleven S’s customers, in the early days, were obtained mainly through social networking platforms; designing evening gowns and event costumes for Vietnam’s singers, actors, models, and beauty queens; through this, many overseas Vietnamese brides contacted and ordered dresses at Eleven S to be shipped internationally. “I was worried because what if I miss an important deadline? Of course, any problem with the dress is difficult to handle, but most of my brides were easygoing, and most importantly, they trusted me. They recognized my effort. Eleven S does not follow the rampant trend. Instead, it pays attention to every detail suitable for each customer and creates a distinctive limited edition, an always groundbreaking, unique version. I am very strict with myself; I am only allowed to bring one kind of product to my customers, The perfect product. To date, my dresses as well as “Ao Dai” have “settled” in more than 30 countries with tens of thousands of Vietnamese and foreign customers, “- Hoa humorously shared.

Tran Phuong Hoa

The love for sacred things belonging to Vietnam is the spark that helped Hoa take the first steps to design her previous collections and received many awards and positive reviews from critics. This year she is presenting at New York Fashion Week in September 2022, organized by HitechModa. Her ‘VIET Flora’ collection will present more than 20 designs at the show. The name of this year’s showcase contains many messages that she sends. “Flora” means “flower” in her name Hoa; it symbolizes peaceful, fresh, blooming beauty. Inspired by the country’s traditional flowers, such as lotus, lily, apricot, and peach blossom, Hoa hopes to convey all the beauty of Vietnam.

She’s not stopping there; Hoa plans to open a design showroom in Dallas, Texas, the USA, in October this year. Her targeted customers are Vietnamese Americans, so the products are mainly inspired by combining two different cultural values. She is busy with the final preparations for both of these big projects. Bringing all the bells and whistles to represent her country, Hoa could not avoid the pressure, worries, and concerns; she went through many sleepless nights. However, this petite but tenacious woman understands that she is presented with remarkable opportunities to bring the Eleven S brand, the national voice, and the beauty of Vietnamese culture to the world and international friends.

Eleven S, will be showcasing in the exclusive Couture Show at NYFW hiTechMODA, Friday, September 9, 2022, at 7:00 pm, prestigious Edison Ballroom, 240 West 47th Street, New York, NY, 10036, Times Square.

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